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Epoxy Resin System for Carbon Fiber - Fiberglass - Kevlar - 24 oz.

2:1 Two Part Epoxy Resin System 24 oz. Kit

C&J Composites Technology has a base resin system that was originally developed for lightweight hand lay-up composite systems. Its unique four way flex controlled resin ensemble provides more latitude in developing production systems than any other resin system available today.

The balance of excellent color, UV stability, varying hardener speeds, easy mix ratios, extremely low vapor pressure, excellent chemical adhesion and high gloss finish make this resin system easy to use and an effective production contributor to everyone from the small craftsman to large scale producers.

The resin system package contains an optical brightener and a UV stabilizer.  The optical brightener gives the resin a slight blue color and makes products appear whiter.  The UV absorber is a shield which blocks damaging UV rays.  The UV sensitive resin system will significantly protect and enhance the finished high gloss surface.

Resin/Hardener Typical Physical Properties

Typical Application

All purpose system. Best for use with most fiberglass and carbon fiber hand lay-up systems. Also used in, marine, adhesives, coatings, vacuum bagging, casting, and electronic encapsulation.
Viscosity cps @ 25C  1600
Mix by Volume 2 to 1
Mix by Weight 100 to 45
Tensile Strength 9,800
Tensile Modulus 405,000
Flexural Strength 14,800
Flexural Modulus 480,000
HDT 122F
Compression. Yield 15,400
Elongation % 3.8


Mix Ratio

Pot Life

Set Time

Typical Cure







CJ Epoxy Accelerator



25 min. 

2.5 hrs 

room temp 

Each item contains 16 ounces of epoxy resin and 8 ounces of hardener, which consists of a total of 24 ounces. (mix at 2 parts epoxy resin to 1 part of the hardener) 24 oz. Kit.


Epoxy Resin System for Carbon Fiber - Fiberglass - Kevlar - 24 oz.

Our Price: $37.00

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