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3K, 2x2 Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Fabric - 14"
Item No : 3K-2X2-TWC-14

Carbon Fiber Cloth Fabric 2x2 Twill 3K – 5.7 oz. - 14"W

For use in:

  • Aftermarket Car Parts
    • Hoods, spoilers, bumpers, dash, etc.
  • Marine
    • Canoes, kayaks, paddles, oars, etc.
  • Sporting Goods
    • Bike frames, snowboards, skateboards, hockey and lacrosse shafts, golf clubs, etc.
  • Other applications
    • Rotor blades, gears, radio-controlled cars and planes, etc.

The twill weave is more pliable than the plain weave and has better drapability while maintaining more fabric stability than a four or either harness satin weave. The weave pattern is characterized by a diagonal rib created by one warp yarn floating over at least two filling yarns.

This premium cloth was woven by U.S. commercial weavers that have many years’ experience in the composite industry and will ensure you receive a quality material.

Fabric Details:

  • Weave – Twill weave
  • Weight – 5.7 oz. (194 GSM)
  • Thickness – 0.012
  • Width – 14”
  • One linear yard measures 36” x 14”
  • For multiple yards, please enter the quantity when ordering.  For example, if you want 2 yards, enter 2, and the material will measure 72" x 14”, for 3 yards, enter 3, and the material will measure 108" x 14", etc.  The material is wound on a core and comes in one continuous length


3K, 2x2 Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Fabric - 14

Our Price: $15.00

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